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Do you want to learn new research techniques, get a better grasp of biostatistics, improve your writing skills and use software such as EndNote better? We all do, but who has the time or patience to actually do it?

The Techniques Symposium is an event organized to help you ( graduate students and post-docs) learn what you need to improve your research. We will make it easy for you to learn the scientific skills you need by inviting experts to provide you with free, hands-on training on a range of useful topics, conveniently located in the bioscience quad, and all packed into just three days!

So clear your research schedule and get trained!

Why should you attend the Techniques Symposium? In a nutshell, you can benefit from:

1)    Information on a range of relevant subjects
2)    Sessions conducted by experts from Georgia Tech or invited companies
3)    Practical seminars and hands-on workshops or demonstrations
4)    Convenient location and timing of sessions
5)    Free training

Registration will open soon!

Venues: The Petit Institute and Whitaker seminar rooms, conference rooms, computer labs and wet labs.

Topics: Last year's session topics included the following -

Animal Studies
Cell and Tissue Culture
Confocal (Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy)
DNA and Transfection
Flow Cytometry/FACS
Machine Shop
Mechanical TestingMicrofabrication
PCR/RT-PCRTechnical Writing
Software: CAD/3-D Modeling
Software: IGOR
Software: Illustrator
Software: Image Processing
Software: Introduction to MatLab